CampTrak Online Camper Messaging
Allow parents, friends, and family to send messages to campers through your website.

Messages are collected on the site, printed, and distributed to your campers.

Alternatively, set up a kiosk to allow messages to be viewed by the campers at camp.

How much is it?

CampTrak's online camper messaging is bundled into a single online suite that includes:

The cost of the online suite when bundled with CampTrak Anywhere is $30 per month, or $50 per month when bundled with CampTrak for Office.

Only pay for the months that you use! If you only need online registration for your summer camps you can activate it for January through June and turn it off for the rest of the year.

There are no additional hidden charges or per-registration fees. The online registration suite requires a current, active support and update or CampTrak Anywhere contract.

Contact us today to discuss how CampTrak can help manage your registrations, donations, and camp retail needs!
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